Actionable Traffic Analytics Instantly



IT managers will have an holistic view of threats and traffic with drill down capabilities and will decrease TCO compared to 3rd party log managements systems.



InCenter enables IT organizations and their executives to become pro-active and see how well their security configuration is protecting their business.



InCenter is easy to implement and scalable to ensure fast insights for solutions of any size and requires minimum time to get started.



InCenter enables IT managers to improve security and make organizations more efficient utilizing advanced machine learning recommendations.


CS feature_Security Analytics

Security Analytics

Overview – Cyber Security Score

Network Activity – Statistics on your own traffic

Blocked Activity – Analyze volume and reason for blocked traffic

Threats – Summary of IDS, Botnet and Port Scanner statistics

VPN Traffic Volume – Graphical overview of VPN paths setup with traffic volumes and next step quality

Health – Status of the firewall products resource usage

Security Operations Centre – Events dashboard with notifications of machine learning or KPI

Machine Learning – Anomaly detection and behavior deviation reporting

Scheduled Reporting, e-mail delivery, export to PDF

Raw Security


CyberSecurity Score

Simplified Actionable Security Analytics

Clavister CyberSecurity ScoreCard simplifies IT security communication, providing instant insights into protection levels. With scores for six categories, AI-driven suggestions, and priority recommendations, it empowers IT managers to allocate resources effectively and prioritize improvements. Ensure business continuity with Clavister CyberSecurity ScoreCard.